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"I bought it right away when it first came out. It’s GSA! It’s been blasting through the captchas with 75% success rate with 475 captchas supported at the moment. It’s also awesome users are trying to help make this software even better by sending GSA new captchas. I highly recommend, especially with GSA Search Engine Ranker [SER]."




"Had bought this little monster since first day it’s launch, run flawlessly with GSA SER! Here’s the running stat: 41351/48330, solved rate 86%. Recommended, really like this software."




"Yesterday tried to use CB with GSA SER, and i am very happy that i bought it, at first i save around 80% of money spent on captcha services! Then CB recognize most of the captchas which GSA SER platforms have."




"My success rate on posting and registrations was increased by 3x, amazing! And now I need captcha service ONLY for recaptcha, but with such increase in success – verified links, i don’t even need these sites which use recaptcha."



Some GSA Captcha Breaker Solve Examples:

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Here's What People Are Saying About GSA Captcha Breaker


"Good job making a very reliable and compatible software! I tried 3 captcha solving softwares (CS, CI and this GSA CB) and You guys got my vote! Keep up the good work and make GSA CB best of the best. A++++ All the way from support to quality of the software."




"The GSA team are all about quality and superior support. This will be a real money saver! Thanks guys… this is way better than CS or anything else on the market. Not affiliated in any way, just been a happy customer of these guys for quite some time now."




"Am I drooling? just can’t close my mouth watching CB perform. Love the GUI and find there’s something satisfying being able to see it churn through the captchas. On my first run saw a success rate of 62%!! This is a ‘got to have."

Chris Moon 



"Eh, screw 5 day trial, I'm on! That thing is A BEAST… it is fast, superb and deadly and with my captcha consumption it saves me around 30$/mo… so in 4 months it will be free. Well worth investment! FatSteve out!"



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Why GSA Captcha Breaker Is the Best ?  

GSA Captcha Breaker Comes Fully Loaded…  

Incredible Customer Support

GSA’s customer support is not just good, it’s incredible. GSA has built a huge customer fan base by combining unparalleled customer support with frequent updates (sometimes twice a day). Add the fact that GSA listens to customer requests for features and fixes like few companies have or ever will. There’s only one word for the quality you will consistently get from GSA — incredible!  

Automated Frequent Updates for Life

GSA is fanatic about keeping up with the latest changes in the dynamic captcha environment. The only way to win in this game is to be up on the latest captcha technology. In the case of captcha solving, knowledge is real power. That’s what you will get with GSA — extremely frequent automatic updates as needed.  

Exceptional Software Compatibility

GSA Captcha Breaker emulates all the top third party captcha solvers. Why mess around with another captcha solving software that is incompatible with the SEO and link building software that you currently use or may use in the future?

GSA Captcha Breaker is compatible with EVERYTHING — and if for some strange reason it isn’t compatible with what you’re using, just ask the GSA engineers and they will MAKE IT compatible! That’s the GSA way!

Most Advanced Easy to Use SDK

Boasting the most advanced and easiest to use SDK (captcha type trainer) of any captcha software, GSA Captcha Breaker distinguishes itself by being more teachable and trainable than any other captcha solving software in the market.

Its SDK (Software Development Kit) is usable by a total novice yet hugely beneficial to an expert. Once it learns a new captcha, it will solve it automatically.
Use the editor to add your own captcha solving algorithms. Apply “brute force” to a new captcha in your log. In just three clicks you’ve got your new captcha solve.

Easy for Beginners… Dynamite for Experts

Stupid simple easy for the beginner yet packing ultimate dynamite power for the expert, with just a few effortless clicks GSA Captcha Breaker puts you in the captcha fast lane!  

Split Second Solve Time

The average captcha is routinely solved in under half a second.  

Highest Solving Accuracy

GSA Captcha Breaker’s multiple OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is the most sophisticated of any captcha solving software. Our proprietary OCR engine makes it possible for our software to beat the pants off the competition.

Ultimate “Out of the Box” Power

The real test of a captcha software is what it does right from its default settings. GSA Captcha Breaker wins that contest too with currently 430+ built-in captcha solves. This is head and shoulders over anybody else, including CS and CI. Due to its obsession with excellence, GSA keeps adding to that number daily.

Adjustable Slider Lets You Choose

GSA Captcha Breaker features an adjustable slider that lets you choose between accuracy and speed. Depending on the types of catchas you are needing to solve, this powerful feature enables you to adjust to changing conditions on the fly.

No Crashes Or Slow Downs

Another real world test of a software is how it performs beyond the first few hours. Software is meant to run continuously for many hours and days. GSA Captcha Breaker offers unmatched stability. You don’t have to worry about frequent crashes or unexplained slow downs. Let GSA Captcha Breaker do its thing while you get on with the stuff that requires your personal attention.

Every Captcha Gets Solved

We hate to admit it, but GSA Captcha Breaker is not able to solve every single captcha automatically. We doubt that any software will ever be able to do that. But there is a handy solution. The unsolved captcha is automatically passed to the third-party captcha solving service of your choice. The twelve preset options include all the popular ones like Decaptcher and DeathByCaptcha.

Unique Captcha Solving Community

GSA is proud of its dynamic software user community. The GSA Captcha Breaker community is the cutting edge in real-world captcha solving. Your purchase price gives you a lifetime of participation in an exciting community of like-minded captcha solving enthusiasts. Improved captchas are uploaded by the software to the online database. Your access to the new captchas is free, unlimited and automatic. It’s a valuable membership yet its totally free to software owners.

Buy Once - Save Forever

No hidden fees, no recurring monthly cost, no upsells, no costly upgrades. You get the whole enchilada for one low price. Most users will make their money back and start showing a profit within a few short days or weeks. GSA Captcha Breaker keeps on improving every single day. You benefit with no extra costs to you ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install GSA Captcha Breaker on more than one machine?  

Yes, absolutely. The only restriction is that you cannot run the same license on multiple machines at the same time.  

Are review copies available?  

The 5 Day FREE Trial is how you get your review copy.

Is the free trial download a fully featured software?  

Yes, it is fully featured. That’s so you can give GSA Captcha Breaker a true test with the captchas you routinely need to solve. You will also have full access to every feature of its super-friendly interface and all of its bells and whistles. During the trial period you will have to restart the software each 500 captchas.  

Is it compatible with SE Nuke?  

Yes, GSA Captcha Breaker is totally compatible with SE Nuke and its competitors.  

What about recaptcha?  

There is recaptcha but the solve rate is low. When recaptcha gets cracked, they patch it up fast. So it’s best to focus on captchas with easy automated solves.  

How does it do with “twitter mobile” captcha type?  

GSA Captcha Breaker’s bread and butter is solving popular captcha types like “twitter mobile.” Wth no human interaction, its solve rate for “twitter mobile” is a fast rock solid 71% success rate. That really is where the software shines. It routinely solves the vast majority of the captchas SEO marketers and link builders deal with on a daily basis when building accounts and gaining required access.

We tirelessly work to improve these rates. In the last few months, our solve rates have gone up at least 10%. Nobody in the industry approaches captcha solving with our intensity and discipline. We are insanely dedicated to being the best!

What if I am a captcha beginner?  

With 430+ built-in captcha solves, don’t be surprised if GSA Captcha Breaker automatically handles up to 80% or more of your captcha solves with no tweaking of any kind. No disrespect intended, but running GSA Captcha Breaker really is stupid simple. Turn it on and let it run for days and days. That’s what software is supposed to do for people. That is what GSA Captcha Breaker will do for you.  

Here’s What People Are Saying About GSA Captcha Breaker  

“Seoparadise – My Honest Review:

I bought GSA SER a few months ago, and all i can say is that its one of the best seo tools in my arsenal. I rank #1 of Google for many pages using this software.  Now i bought GSA CB a few days ago and its just amazing. They release updates almost every day (like GSA SER) and they add new captcha types constantly.

The software solves a big part of the captchas out there and will save you a lot of money. So just grab this great offer and start saving money right now.”


“Joseph Then – Report on the use of Captcha Breaker:

Used CB on SENukeXCR software because this software uses a lot of Captchas and their reporting is clearer. Here’s the report:

Without Captcha-solving software:

– Created only 400+ accounts

– About 17+ Social Network postings made

With Captcha Sniper:

– Created 450+ accounts

– About 30+ Social network postings made

With Captcha Breaker:

- Created 500+ accounts

- About 50+ Social network postings made

In short, CB solves the most captchas and I believe that it will get better as promised. In fact, CB solved ReCaptcha ONCE by chance!”

Visit The Official Captcha Breaker Page: http://captcha-breaker.gsa-online.de/

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